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An office is an office

11 November 2023
an office is an office

From the colour of the wall to the quality of light, the choice of flooring and not to mention the furniture, fixtures and fittings, all reflecting company values and the ability to inspire, to focus and productivity.

All making sense, yet the value of office space we occupy is often ignored and its impact undervalued. Our purpose in life should not be to fulfil daily obligation under any conditions, constantly feeling depleted, but instead we should feel supported in our tasks. That is exactly what the environment we work in is able to do if we support it with our care and choice of quality.

The objective for a successful office set up is not the monetary value but much more the mindset. Why not ask: "what values do I sign up to as an individual and how can that be translated into the workplace?"

best office

It all starts with the materials used in the space. What air quality we breathe, how mood and brain capacity is influenced by the light source, how easily do I get distracted from elements of visual pollution and so the list goes on.

There are so many innovative products, materials, manufacturers to choose from, making it easy to allow for good company for our everyday. Advanced technology is present in the most unexpected areas such as the humble wall colour. One option is to choose not just an eco-friendly version but a colour that actually is cleansing the air, yes, and thereby silently contributing to excellent everyday health benefits. Let’s look at supportive solutions. Carefully chosen, the money spent on the space goes a long way, not just for the moment but for the many days, weeks and years working in the space. Support needs values that add quality through time. Keeping staff in good health on all levels is paramount, supporting upbeat momentum, that is, if we add the element of ‘joy’ to the element of ‘work’, I argue this to be a sure combo, bringing successful profits on all levels.

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What more is there to say? But why are these basic criteria of ‘a life well-lived’ still an exception? Why are we constantly willing to adapt to mediocre standards? It’s a miracle we are functioning as well as we do and maybe that is what we rely on, running on automatic loop, believing space does not affect us. Space is a collaborator, a partner, the outer skin of our existence, it is in dialogue with us whether we are aware of it or not, influencing us positively or negatively, it’s our choice. Do we need a pandemic to shake us up, questioning what we are doing and why?

We know the quality of workspace design leads to a less stressful and more productive atmosphere. Why it should be mandatory to take the physical wellbeing of employees into consideration. Again, this has very little to do with money but all with mindset. Everyone wants to spend their time in a healthy well balance, pleasing environment instead of enduring non-supportive spaces.

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Every individual wants to be looked after and according to Forbes, 92% of workforce stated in a survey, they would stay longer in a healthy, well set out workplace. Simple, no one wants to leave a space that make them feel good, work or otherwise. After all we spend almost a third or more of our life in the office. However work arrangements are structured, it is imperative we look at how we create our space as it ultimately influences our work capacity and so makes for excellent company investment. A thorough visual clean-up does not cost and is always a good start opening the road to better see what the next best steps would be, helping to improve the way we live, step by step.

We are never more than the air we breathe and the perceived notion of our senses. It would be my privilege to assist in finding the perfect solution for your space.

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All images photographed in the new ICONS of Denmark London show room.