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Everyone needs a Yellow Sofa

15 August 2022
Yellow sofa

Dear reader,

I am going to write an e-book. Yes, I know, it’s odd, why would one write an e-book and not a proper book, I always wondered, maybe I am lazy. Good thing is, an e-book is easily available through our mobile devices so I will be closer to you, delivering short cuts of ideas. I've been looking to find an uncomplicated way to inspire people to look at how we live, why we choose what we choose and how it influences our life.

If we focus more on the way we live, put more attention to our space, we will also attend to ourselves better as the two elements mirror one another. We are inevitably linked with our space, reflecting it as it reflects us. Space is like an open book, reflecting back at us where we are in life, gives us a chance to revaluate our life. Space is pragmatic, it shows what issues need our attention, a dripping tap, a light switch not working, a patch of mould in the dark or forgotten boxes under the stairway, they all shout: 'sort it'. All influence the flow of our life at large, so better to sort it, supporting ourselves. Very often something as simple as a clean-out of a cupboard, kitchen cabinet or other will give us an emotional push. A bit of attention and focus is needed to help find a new angle, suddenly offering a solution to a situation, helping a better decision and result.

When we get more astute observing our space, giving it the care it deserves, we feel better balanced and supported, more relaxed and therefore more open to be daring to pursue our dreams.

When setting up home, it takes attention and care to decide on wall colour, light, furniture, and what not. For furniture choices, most of us start with the sofa, as a sofa is the main anchor in a living room. It symbolises so much how we perceive ourselves and sets the tone for all other elements.

We much prefer neutral sofas, why? no idea. Maybe because they tend to be big pieces so seemingly neutrality is preferred, or one is not sure how to set the anchor point in the room, therefore better be neutral with the choice.

We often let magazines or family and friends choose, not deciding ourselves, this better to change. With the awareness of space and how we interact with it, we also become more aware of ourselves, our needs and aspirations. It opens possibilities to move forward in life instead of merely staying in the zone of comfortable dwelling.

So why not break the mould and go for a brightly coloured sofa, something that lifts our heart when entering the room. Something the inner child would love to have, a pink, green, lilac or why not fabulous yellow sofa? It offers a personal sense of being, free from others judgement about our choices and so allows to be happy on our own terms, no matter what. It makes us strong and independent and that is how we start to shine brighter.

It's magical to experience the impact a yellow sofa can have, clearly signalling 'I'm living on my terms'. Not only will the bright colour enliven our senses, raise our attention about the necessity of our wellbeing and inspire to be able to reach our bigger potential, but simply be an uplifter in the moment. It opens the door for new ideas about the way we look at things. Helps to focus on goals, staying enthused, driving us forward. The yellow sofa will take us by the hand and remind us to look at life from a different angle, choose a different book, not watch TV in our spare time but instead go to the cinema or enjoy a concert, buy new music or just listen to the birds we have not known for years they even exist.

You see, a yellow sofa is magic as it holds many keys, able to open doors to the unexpected corridors of our mind and heart, leading to pathways of new adventures, understanding, rediscovering, or simply offering a sense of balance and peace.

The moment of now holds the power of change for the outcome of tomorrow. It all lines up beautifully and I am happy to share it with you in my coming E-book. We only have our life to live, so choose with gusto and make your heart sing. A yellow sofa is a good first step embracing the joy of the everyday.