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New Year - New Choices - New Outcomes

10 January 2024
New Year - New Choices

Time wears a cloak named change, stomping with rapid steps forward, leaving us confused about our very existence. The how to choose in life is more than often jumping at the forefront, poking at us, making us uncomfortable.

The world needs change. We have no power over others, better to focus where our power lies. Person by person, we are the world, so let’s start with ourselves. We have the power of choice which is reflected in

how life unfolds. Are we merely puppets dancing to the tune of a pre-written script? There is the idea of karma, ancestral DNA loops we are to be trapped in, or simply an obligation to obey what comes our way. Wellbeing has been getting and will get more attention, and rightly so. How to do?

Conventions help to communicate in society but are hindering if focus is merely matching expectations, our own or others. Expectations are linked to success or failure, such is life. It’s a journey and not like many try to make us believe, the quest to win at all costs. Instead, it’s to live with exactly the ups and downs it brings, saying yes to them. We are learning either way. 

The secret of finding ease, is to follow one’s own instinct, instead of primarily pleasing others. There are so many belief systems of emotional support striving to offers solutions, many are unclear, contradictory, even misleading.

Where does one get a good push for new beginnings? Why not be pragmatic, ‘hands on’ is a good start. It offers an immediate visible change in our space. Our space is a great companion, much more than a roof over our head. In fact, it has its own innate special personality and just as we people, it wants to live well. Space communicates with us, if taken care of, life flows with better ease and who doesn’t want that?

We can trigger the process of change by starting to change our surrounding. The biggest issue is always the need for a rigorous clear out, in kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, attics and under stairways, all the forgotten corners included. Just because we choose not to see, doesn’t mean it isn't there. A clear-out helps to change the idea of what life could bring. Space never lies, it’s the perfect mirror telling where we are in life. Is what we see what we want? If not, change it.

A clear-out and repair supports a sense of strength, we are ‘on top of things’, it empowers, helps looking at our home with fresh eyes. The process has an influence on our wellbeing, trying something new does

wonders. And nothing of this has much to do with money but primarily with care.

Supporting our space to be at its best makes for a great asset in life beyond the monetary value. So, let’s go, look at what needs to be addressed and if in doubt, I am here to support together with a fabulous team of skilled craftsmen delivering high standard results.

My mission is not just to create enjoyable homes, helping people to thrive but inspire to fall in love with the space we call our own. Let’s make life glorious, it all starts with choice.

We have the power to change, to create a new story supporting a life well lived.