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Paint for a new generation

15 July 2018
Paints for a new generation

It's a beautiful summer, let’s soak in the energy, gathering strength, finding new beginnings, planning how to move forward, creating new momentum in life. The world is waking up to the importance of health and wellbeing in a much larger scale than ever before. It is no longer a concern only of a few friends of the Earth how resources should be handled. It is about a holistic circle including all elements of life, realising, we all need to participate in a variety of ways to keep the cycle of life alive. If our choices benefit the environment, clearly, they benefit also us.

My passion is promoting good quality in all aspects of life. Today, I like to elaborate on our home and work environment. I am looking for elements that are truly supportive for our wellbeing, mentally, emotionally and physically as the demands of life are getting tougher. One of the hidden culprits, zapping our energy, are the materials used in our everyday environment, for example wall paint. Traditionally full of chemicals such formaldehyde, with an array of petroleum-derived components containing heavy metals, all releasing small but steady amounts of toxic substances not supporting our human system.

Acrylic Paint is the second largest polluter (CO2 output, water pollution, etc.). Application of acrylics is highly damaging for occupants, so this is a key area to focus on. Especially for those interested in core change of health and wellbeing. There are a variety of Eco paint manufacturers on the market with one being specifically interesting, the multiple, international, award winning Garphenstone!


Graphenstone is the brainchild of Antonio Leon Jimenez, a chemical engineer who was dedicated to the idea of developing a natural, ecological and health conscious wall coating for the 21th century. After all, we fly to the moon, so we should be able to have a colour on our walls that is non-toxic, even cleanses the air we breathe, how fabulous is that?

Antonio, the president of Graphenstone is devoted to his invention, the most innovative, ground-breaking line of natural paint on the market, using lime as a base ingredient, derived from the highest quality of local source. The lime is created through 100% natural and environmentally friendly production cycle, further developed from a tradition which had almost been forgotten and has now been brought back to the market.


Garphenstone paint contains Graphene fibres, nano technology-based molecules, making it easy to use, giving a uniform application surface, needing much less colour than traditional versions. The paint provides a coating which is highly resistant to wear and tear with great toughness, flexibility, strength and uniformity. The nanotechnology compound acts as a structural support mesh at a molecular level, creating effective durability with lower maintenance, allowing significant savings. The graphene fibres provide the coatings and paints with innovative qualities that are unique: thermal conductivity, meaning keeping the heat inside the house during cold months, saving heating cost, greater toughness, wiping off stains, flexibility, for easy application, strength and uniformity for consistent colour result. The nanotechnology compound acts as a structural support mesh at the molecular level, which translates into greater durability and therefore, lower maintenance with significant savings. In a nutshell, the paint offers increased strength, homogeneity, conductivity and flexibility while being built on natural material that ‘breathes’, functioning as a space cleanser.

The Eco credential list is the longest in the industry and quite unique:










How can paint absorb CO2? It is made possible due to the raw materials it contains. A paint used for hundreds of years has received a structural molecular change. It absorbs CO2 during its carbonation process, making it into a highly breathable paint with natural antibacterial and insect repellent properties. The compound is found in nature, helping to transform a space into an eco-friendly living environment. Additionally, the graphene fibres optimise the properties making it very durable.

Imagine most people switching to green paint helping to cleanse the air, the town, strengthening the core of health and wellbeing. What a fabulous thought and thing it is, it can be done, one by one, all depending on personal action. Graphenstone offers 92 colours and additionally mix colour for specific requests.

Should you consider to give your home or office an energy boost, find new motivation, letting good ideas flow, I am happy to assist you finding the right colour for your space and with excellent craftsmen at hand, we can transform any space by giving it strength and character, supporting you to thrive in life. Let’s have a dialogue about what best would work for your needs in your space to initiate inspiring changes.