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The beauty of sleep

12 July 2023
power of sleep

Through times of uncertainty more attention given to self-care is paramount. We are the ones in charge of our lives. The list of leaving old habits behind is often long and cumbersome, so let’s look at changes that would be easy to pursue. Pleasant alterations have a chance to be implemented with more enthusiasm, creating uplifting energy, affecting all areas of life. 

What about a change of our sleep quality, it's essential for our wellbeing. During sleeping hours, the brain and body reset, gathering strength to be able to move with more ease during the day. What is more pleasant than a good night’s rest but so often the night is devoid of it, so how can we achieve better sleep quality?  I always say, the bed is the most important investment in a home, more important than a snazzy car, tv or sofa.

Too often we take ourselves for granted, not listening to the signals our body is sending when extra attention is needed. In time we have learnt, our wellness needs to be at the forefront of our attention. No one lives our life but we, so we are the ones to look after ourselves


Our childhood was filled with heroes and heroines, many connected to a tale of sleep, the ‘Princess and the Pea’, ‘Sleeping Beauty’, ‘Snow White’ , you might remember other. In ‘Sleeping Beauty’ the princess would sleep a hundred years and wake up having aged only 1 minute, what blissful resting and fabulous health gain. The old masters of romantic fairy tales tried to convey the importance of good quality sleep for our wellbeing and good fortune in life. Looking closer at it, they revile more than meets the eye. Taking the magic of sleep seriously brings benefits we should take onboard and it is not called beauty sleep for nothing! One can spend a fortune on skin creams and watch ones’ diet, but ultimately to have glowing skin one needs a good nights’ sleep. During deep sleep periods, the body goes into repair mode, regenerating the cell-system, blood, muscles, braincells and so the skin. In 2017 a study was conducted at Karolinska, Stockholm’s main hospital, proving, lack of good sleep can make us ugly. Volunteers of men and women were rated less attractive after only a few hours’ sleep and not just that, they were perceived looking less healthy, less sociable, less intelligent; now, who wants that?

According to NHS data recently released, it says, nearly a third of the adult UK population is suffering from insomnia which is far too high a number. Insomnia affects mental health and physical wellbeing as body and brain only come to full rest during sequences of deep sleep, but not only that, poor sleep and its effects also damages relationships which comes as no surprise.

beauty sleep

I therefore like to invite you to revisit your bedchamber. It starts with the colour on the wall, is it free from toxic components? The fumes released from wall-colour are subtle, but our body absorbs these in small amounts every night, therefore, an ecological colour version is supporting the air quality. And of course, the colour choice in the room has an emotional impact, influencing our recouping, so choose a warm, soothing colour, after all, it is to be a place of recharging and rest.

What about the carpet made from man-made fibre derived from petrol-chemicals, better to choose an all-natural version such as wool, bamboo, seagrass. A natural wooden floor is always a winner as it's easily kept clean from dust and what-nots nesting in the fibres. Another factor is pleasant calming light, offering rescue from the strains of the day. Good light heals the soul, it invites to relax.

Let’s move to our bed. It should ideally have a good pocket sprung mattress, containing only natural fibres. And of course, not just the materials used but the construction and layering of components play a vital part. A bed needs to give perfect spinal support for deep restorative rest, which is achieved through the way the various materials are layered, building the optimal density for a relaxing night. A bed supporting the body also eases the mind and all in all, a good bed should make the body feel weightless, as if floating. This means, the entire body weight is evenly distributed with the spine getting maximum support and for the discs to be able to separate so toxins can be released, all vital requirement for maintaining revitalisation during sleeping hours. All in all, beds made from 100% recyclable materials coming from nature, want to return to nature and that is how it should be. And don’t forget the bedding, natural materials, soothing colours in harmony with the rest of the room improve the perception of calm to which our senses respond.

There is a reason why I passionately support the effort to make the bed the most valued investment from whatever budget one starts. A good nights’ sleep is simply our best friend. Lets’ make an easy change for the year ahead, let’s start with getting top notch sleep for better all-round wellbeing, sleep well, let life flow, all supporting the everyday!