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The quality of our everyday

15 November 2022
The quality of our everyday

"The quality of life is more important than life itself",

Alexis Carrel, surgeon, and Nobel prize winner in medicine 1912.

The quality of life has a different connotation for each person. For me it's amongst other to feel well supported, enabling to manage the demands of everyday life. We are living in times of much change and more change is to come, how are we prepared?

We demonstrate who we are by the way we live and how we build relationships, firstly with ourselves, our surrounding, our home, work environment and of course other people. The quality of our mental balance, especially in times of change is paramount, how do we achieve that? Let’s look at some options.


It is well-known that meditation is the best tool to further inner balance and stability, but not everyone is familiar with such practice or comfortable with it, so where can we find reliable support?

I suggest looking at space as a companion for strength, the everyday space we live in. Our home and office/workspace are all a good start to see what works and what doesn't.

Space reflects our values, tells who we are. Through space we create a dialogue, helping to see what needs to be adjusted and where repair or a clean-up is required. When addressing the space at hand, we help adjust our emotional balance as the two relate to one another. We can’t expect for things to change for the better if we keep living our everyday the same as yesterday.

To strengthen who we truly are, self-value needs to be in place, it's the basis of our strength and ability to build a life worth pursuing..

I believe beauty has an immense value, much neglected and pushed aside, not taken seriously, it needs to be reinstalled as high value worth pursuing for our wellbeing.

Homes are pragmatic, we get what we see, so why not train our eye on balance and beauty in our own environment and gain strength and self-trust from it with new ideas and inspiration emerging.

The year is now coming to an end and has thought us much and we understand, the future will not be the same as we have known our life to be in the past, so just as well to welcome new solutions, to build a good inner and outer foundation of strength, to be open and receptive, finding new ways to live and communicate in this shaky world.

I wish everyone a peaceful ending of 2023 and like to welcome 2024 with open arms.

Thank you for your attention and time reading my scribbles…. thank you for being part of this community of well meaning individuals.

And if you like to make changes in the new year, I help people find interior solutions that make the most of their home, creating balance in space, reflects balance in life which helps to be more stable and better able to focus on the daily tasks at hand, everything reflects everything.