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The voice of silence

15 May 2020
The voice of silence

Most of us don’t like silence, because it forces us to look at ourselves. what might we find?

Silence makes us uncomfortable, maybe because our world is so loud, thats all we know. Maybe we equate silence with insignificance as we yearn to be heard and seen, giving us a sense of self-value. We more than often look for others to evaluate us and so become captives of their opinion. giving our power away. When shutting down our instinct, our inner voice, our trust and self-appreciation, we choose closing the door to freedom.

We are constantly in search for something we already have, we have everything we truly need. How does one find out this is so? It's just there, within us if we choose to connect, allowing silence, listen to our breath. It opens the possibility to find self-value right there. No need to yearn for others evaluation, given from their limited perspective.

Instead, let's allow for silence, finding the inner voice, realising we are already all we need to be, not better, not stronger, saying yes to who we are is victory.

To help move along in the quest to find strength and guidance through life, space can assist us.

Do not know how? Look at the place called home. Get started, see what needs to be taken care of. Be brave to tackle the uncomfortable, that, which has been waiting to be dealt with for so long. Space is a great companion showing us where we need to ‘dig in’, from repairs to a clear out of the backyard, dingy corners and forgotten ‘stuffed away’, freeing the space from all not wanted, needed and loved, allows fresh air to enter. The physical action helps to free the mind, opening for new ideas and possibilities to take shape. Suddenly the view is clearer, offering perspective in space and in life.

Make away with ‘visual noise’, create a place where one can rest without distraction. It helps to balance the inner quest to recharge, opening up for new avenues to be encountered.

voice of silence

We most often have everything we need, no need to chase trophies. Better to shed what is not serving or liked. Nothing is worth keeping for ‘a rainy day’ as this implies, we are expecting a ‘rainy day’ – instead, enjoy the appreciated as that is what supports the feeling of wellbeing.

Living in the now, moving forward, exploring, learning, builds strength, giving the thrill. We are our own creators, taking responsibility and action empowers as we allow to connect with ourselves. We are what we are and that is enough with all the quirks and imperfections attached.

Through clarity we create consciously, eliminating what hinders, helping to come closer to ourselves. Choosing to no longer depend on other's approval gives a sense of ease. Empowers to follow our inner voice. To trust we are on a good path, makes room to explore the ‘new’ gives a sense of peace.

This simple pursue is adaptable to the space we live in, as much as to life at large. However small or large a space, it's ours for a moment in time, trust it will always be supportive if taken care of. We live in a dualistic world, space is our mirror.

Space lives in symbiosis with us, good thing is, we can look at our space, see what isn't working, is neglected or broken and fix it. By doing so other areas of life are affected, everything reflects everything. It's wonderfully magical how space is in dialogue with us.

Space is a great friend and supporter. A good clear out followed by another and another costs little but gains so much and should leave us only with what we truly love, forming a solid platform for our best life, live well!

Voice of silence