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10 February 2022

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Let’s begin anew. What do we need to feel supported instead of constantly ‘running’ internally. Our environment lives in synergy with us, we are what we surround ourselves with. Clarity needs care for our environment, light, easy, relaxed, focused, makes for the melody of a good day’s work.

Space is like music, high, low, slow, fast, easy flowing, with each variety influencing us. I wish, I wish for every person to be able to enjoy a well taken care of workspace. A place that not just serves its purpose but adds emotional value through the quality of materials used, thoughtful colour schemes, good ergonomics accompanied by supportive lighting. All quintessential elements to further a sense of support, lower stress, feeling valued, simply making it worthwhile living the everyday.

 A successful commercial fit out requires from the interior designer the understanding of the client, their product and services, company values and what message to deliver. Work environments need to represent clarity but also individuality as every company wants to make an impact the same way as people want to be seen, to stand out. The environment plays a vital part in how we share who we are and what we stand for. There is great value in space to help support and communicate that. To include attention to the space we work in creates an asset for the company and is helping employees feeling cared for and empowered. Hence creating an environment supporting an upbeat company culture serves all.

The art of mastering workspace well is to understand how to be personal which always comes with emotion, without being emotional. It’s a fine line between these elements, work is work, play is play we say, but in play we relax and evolve, able to leave the tunnel vision, so a certain element of play is healthy for new ideas, wellbeing and better achievements.

A notch of play allows us to move with a certain flow, supporting our sense of individual rhythm, something which is not traditionally taken into account in the workplace but might change now through the new ‘Covid-insights’.

People always bring challenges, it’s not easy to unite under one roof, so every tool at hand to help support communication creates valuable assistance.

For me as an interior designer the job is not to put a pretty colour on the wall but to create a supportive space holding a story, so well executed, one does not want to leave it. This goes for both staff and clients, surely that is a win, win for all. Everyone wants their life to be worth living, performing the tasks at hand in the best possible way. It adds value and increases revenue while living well, bang on what we ultimately all want!

office synergy

splendid office space executed with care by @SamKnows