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A young woman's city pad

This was a full home renovation, a 1990s built with open plan kitchen, two bedrooms and a balcony. The building was an early 1990's built, with no character.

The task was to give it a better flow with colours and textures but not overload it, keeping it simple, yet interesting. The light grey works well with eh white kitchen in the open plan of the living space where we chose light linen curtains on drawstring to give the curtains a soft flow to soften the space, rather than strict appearance.

The bedroom got Woodnotes panels all along the 3 window walls.The panels add lightness to a low ceiling room, keeping a dull outside view out of sight, whilst adding interest and structure to the room. Wallpaper wall behind the bed adds a point of view, so the room becomes less boxy. The owner needed a lot of additional storage so as bed side units two chest of drawers in different heights where chosen, adding some playfulness and unexpected element. The owners few antique pieces where mixed with new furniture choices.