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Creating an open one bedroom in Kensington

This was a substantial rebuild , making a home out of what essentially was, one big room, The ceiling was taken down to reveal a8m high ceiling in total with beautiful stucko work. A 'second' floor was built to hold the bedroom and bathroom with bathtub on the upper part,simple stairway put in place with dining space and adjacent kitchen built underneath on entrance floor. The wall to the balcony/terrace was taken down and replaced with a window wall to add a sense of more space to the room as the entire window/glass wall can be opened up. We retiled the balcony/terrace floor. The parquet flooring in the room was restored, giving the home some character. The furniture had to be classic, simple in design as the space was limited and had to hold a variety of functions, so keeping the space fluid in character, yet interesting enough not to be too monochrome. Across the entrance under the stairs we have a white table with light, chairs so the space feels not so cramped, into a white kitchen with an orange wall. The orange, so the kitchen is not too sterile, having its own character. The large sofa placed centre in the room works like anchor round which all activity is placed. The space accommodates numerous needs very well. All artwork chosen together with the client.