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A first time buyers home

A one bedroom flat in a 1930's building in central London. This was a first time buy already partly renovated. The client decided to redo the flat, but keeping the carpet due to cost.

The wall colours where carefully chosen to keep the flat as light as possible and to be suitable for the style of the flat.

The client did not want curtains so we chose Woodnotes blinds for the sitting room. These are light in character but offer enough privacy and due to their warm character adding comfort to the space.

The book shelf was to be as non obtrusive as possible why we decided to spray an ordinary Spur shelving in same colour as the wall. This gave the least invasive effect and suited the space perfectly.

The dining table had to be in a colour that worked on the carpet so the visual flow would not be interrupted. The dining chairs where chosen for comfort, lightness and cost, working perfectly with the table in the limited space.

The rug for the seating area had to work well on the carpet, be defining but not visually interrupting.

The bedroom was kept cool and simple without being cold, the art work fitted perfectly to add a personal touch.

The kitchen was a standard kitchen which got an uplift through the matt, dark blue tiles and dark blue wall, projecting warmth and be suitable for the property.

We added art work, accessories, cushions and throws to work perfectly with the furniture and colours for personality without interrupting the intent of harmony and ease.

All in all, the motto was: light, calm living in a challenging city.