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A new build family home, generous, light & personal

Show Home Virtue

We often live our lives in pre-formed patterns, both emotionally and physically, expressed in how we choose to create our homes, often becoming predictable, even static. It is my passion to create fabulous, happy spaces for people where life is fun and welcoming.

This is a show home, a proud quality build where the interior underlines the character of the building, to be light, easy and personal.

Show home interiors come at a strict budget, still, the aim was to signal style, relevance and quality. It had to be ‘different’, yet had to appeal to the many, a fine line to thread. It was a highly enjoyable project as I was given much freedom by the developer.

We wanted to use a minimal amount of furniture to let the space ‘breathe’ while still giving it a personal connotation, a sense of presence and warmth, supporting the architecture, promoting quality and accessibility while allowing space for the future owner’s personal expression.

The project run through the two-year Pandemic with all interior choices made off site from drawings only. It was a bit ‘nervy’ to get it all delivered after a long storage period, to finally see how it would present itself in the space.

Prior to my engagement it had been decided to paint all walls white. My advise was to use a pallet of light, warm colours, including a softer tone of white for the ceiling. The colours suit the light character of the house, creating a pleasing transition between the rooms, giving a united ease to the layout. The house has 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, a gym and two TV rooms on 3 floors with 2 terraces and a garden.

When entering, a bright, generous space meets the visitor. The hallway is kept clean with its swiping walls. Here we decided to place only a welcoming bench with a framed fabric print, enough to set the flavour of the house.

The kitchen with the large dining space leads onto a generous terrace. The kitchen cabinet colour in green, situated across the generous window space, was chosen to harmonise with the opposite garden. The kitchen was designed by the architect of the project, all fittings in the house were chosen by the developer.

Next to the entrance is a family TV/playroom, leading into the generous living room. Here would be plenty of space for a large sofa arrangement, instead we chose to adapt a lighter furniture setting, giving the room a slight formal, yet easy angle.

The furniture for all rooms including bedrooms was chosen to complement one another in character, to be of quality and timeless appeal. All room settings are kept simple, for the space to visually be able to ‘breathe’.

All in all, the home was built for a family to be enjoyed for many years to come and making for a good investment.