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Beautiful homes support health and wellbeing, all setting the right visual melody for a life well lived.

It is my passion to help create supportive, easy environments and it's a privilege I am fortunate to do so with a team of highly skilled craftspeople, helping to realise the projects at hand.

Harmony and balance is created through the understanding of space and how to best support a good flow through shape, colour, light and proportions. All accompanied by visual storytelling, forming a personal environment we like to call home. Storytelling is a strong aspect in all projects I undertake. Everyone has a story to tell and finding ways to express these is an adventure every time. Through stories we define who we are, building our foundation, expressing identity, dreams and aspiration.

We advise on a full range of interior design services for private and corporate clients. Through the use of carefully selected materials and a precise colour palette to suit the required project, we always find the perfect visual tone for a space. The aim is to create beautiful quality spaces to be enjoyed for many years. We much admire good craftsmanship, diversity of cultures and innovative viewpoints, with the aim to serve and support everyday life.

The way we treat our space is how space will be in dialogue with us, for the good and bad. A well cared for home has the power to heal, something to consider in times where mental wellbeing often seems fragile. Carefully chosen elements, materials, colours, proportions, light, art and objects, offer strength and inspiration.

Lifestyle, fashion, music, art and design have always been my interest. In September 1999 my partner and I opened a store promoting Scandinavian design which we called Skandium. As the creative director I was overseeing most visual aspects of the business, from co-buying to store display, brand identity, PR, advertising and very soon catering for customers requests for interior design support, which I enjoyed much. Our Skandium journey lasted eighteen years before my co-founder and I left the business at the end of 2016.

Since then, I have championed my own interior design journey, naming it

‘Dialogue with Space by Christinas Interiors’.

Now I am free to choose inspiration from all corners of life, mixing different cultures and time frames, bringing variety and personality. I search to find just the perfect visual tone for each project. A room should never overflow but be able to breathe, holding space for people to be comfortable. Every house has its innate personality to be communicated in an individual, innovative way. When listening to the building and what it likes to tell, we get it right. A house is not just a protector against the elements but makes for a strong, supportive partner in life. 

I have co-authored two books published by Ryland Peter & Small, ‘Scandinavian Modern

& ‘Scandinavian Country’, the first translated into eleven languages.

Product development is an additional area that interests me much, something I have been doing for Skandium. It’s exciting to birth a new product. Sourcing materials, connecting with designers, makers, crafts people and finally bringing it to market, exploring the journey together is ever thrilling, all to support the quest for a life well lived.

Let’s create spaces to be enjoyed.


Our team, together with Christinas Interiors, have collaborated on a number of very successful projects. All procurement and client dialogue is taken care of by Christina so we can get on with the building works at hand. It’s a smooth work relationship, making our everyday easy. Our priority is to deliver great results, making for happy customers and a proud team. Quality Projects Limited, Taras Gulca


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