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In autumn of 2016 Christina established her studio, bringing seventeen years of experience from the furniture industry with visual story telling, project management and customer service.

The studio offers full interior design services and building solutions for small and large projects, working with a skilled team of craftsmen.

The philosophy is, homes in balance influence the people using it, supporting strength, health and support in all areas of life.

We are here every step on the way making your dream home a reality.


We welcome a wide variety of projects, catering predominantly for private residential clients. These range from new building projects, working closely with the architect to small scale renovations. We work just as comfortably with contemporary projects as with the renovation of historical buildings.

The emphasis is on creating supportive spaces, relaxed, innovative, focused. Every project is unique, telling a story which defines the space. Good interior execution enhances the quality of our everyday. By carefully choosing materials, colour, proportion and placement of furniture, art and objects, we create a supportive environment meeting the clients vision for a life well-lived.

Whatever we do, we do it for you, the client.


Art is not just a ‘pretty enhancement’ or even a status symbol, art well-chosen becomes a companion for our everyday.

Art is an integral part of an interior setting, creating a dialogue with the interior and the visitor, offering a personal expression of uniqueness to a space.

Finding the right work can be transformative and thrilling.

We regularly source artwork on behalf of clients in a wide variety of disciplines. From investment pieces to low-cost decorative work, each in their own right offers an enriching experience. How we value art is very personal, allowing ourselves to explore it helps open new viewpoints and avenues entering our life.

successful styling a home


Let us help you with the styling solutions for your home. We often fill our everyday with items not supporting our space. The overall impression of a room is much more exciting if accessories are given as much attention as the choice of wall colour and furniture.

For decorative pieces, a mix of different styles add a personal viewpoint to a setting. Different influences such as folkloristic design mixed with modern and antique pieces bring an interesting aspect to a space. Mix different styles, mix them well, create your story.


During my time as creative director at Skandium, I launched a wide selection of products, ranging from furniture and accessories to tabletop ware.

Deciding on the product style, quality and price point was a venture every time. From start to finish it’s satisfying to bring a new product to market, products people might value and appreciate.

Help is at hand should you require support in finding just the right ‘tone’ for a new product idea. Receiving support with research, execution and bringing it to market is something I am happy to assist with.

This service is available for commercial clients.